BQ+ Medical Customer FQA

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Answers For FAQS

FAQ Q1:  Are you a factory or trading company? A:     We are Manufactuer with factory located in Shanghai. Welcome to give us a call.  Q2:  How can I visit your factory? A:     Most welcome, we are located in Shanghai, Songjiang, 30 minutes drive from CMEF exhibition show. We will be glad to arrange pick up of you if that helps. Q3:  What is your main product and category? A:    Our main product is infusion, Transfusion, enternal, and oncology set and all related components.Q4:  What is your company capacity? A:    Our capacity includes injection, extrusion and sterilization and is one out of two company that is certified by TUV to provide sterilization service for surrounding companies. Q5:  How could I get samples?A:    Before samples inquiry, pls make sure your request is clear with the sales then he could evaluate the availability and time needed to prepare it. For compoent, normally 1-2days to send out and for assembled set, need about a week. Usually we do not bear the cost of samples freight charge since the product is already free and if nessary, we could deduct the freight fee from your first order. For South Asia, SF express is a good choice and USA would prefer FEDEX and other country use DHL or TNT. Q6: How does your company comprehend quality?A:    Quality is done by production not through inspection. We are CE certified, ISO13485 system, FDA registered company. Also have KFDA and Anvisa registeration number.Q7:  What is our MOQ?A:    Usually our MOQ would be less for regular component item but would require at least 20K for assembled set.