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New journey, New Leap ━━━The Annual Party of BQ+ medical 2019

publisher: Michael
Time: 2020-01-20
Summary: The company's Annual Party in 2019 and the new spring visit held by BQ+ medical
New journey, New Leap ━━━The Annual Party of BQ+ Medical in 2019
Holding Time:   14:00-19:00,   Jan., 21st, 2020
Holding Place: Rose Manor

The 2019 annual meeting of 
BQ+ Medical Teconology
 is grandly held in the Rose Manor.

The general manager,  Ronia Cao
  attended the meeting with nearly 200 middle and senior managers and employees from 8 departments.
Quality dept.Sterilization dept.,                    Legal dept.,
Production dept.,                      Sales dept.,          Logistics dept., 
General Affairs Office.

Senior managers
General Manager
Ronia Cao
        Vice GM & 11-year Senior                Auditor for TUV Sud Jack Yang
      Production Director Mr. Zhuang
      Technical Director Eddie Zhang 
    Sterilization Director Mr. Hou 
Quality Director Gavin Lee
Signature wall on site, signature, photo taking and group photo of leaders and all employees
Some R&D personnel and family
Professional manufacturer of Infusion set and components. BQ+ ' R&D team have many years’ experience to focus on Components & Private Label Manufacturing , for Infusion, Transfusion, Oncology & Enteral Feeding.
Sales Dept. 

Main Products Display
Anaesthetic Mask

Oncology Infusion set
                     Needle free valve                                                        Stopcocks
Precision Filter
Flow regulator
Award Ceremony for Outstanding Employees
Commend the company's best employees in 2019 
The General Ms. Cao expressed his thanks to all employees, and also told us the tortuous course from the initial establishment to the development and expansion of BQ+ company, which is inspiring, and emphasized that "in the past year, with the joint efforts of all colleagues, the company's business has maintained a sustained and steady development, which has made good achievements. These brilliant achievements are inseparable from the hard work of all BQ people. Hoping to unite in the new year and realize the enterprise Higher business objectives, provide better services and infusion products for customers and medical staff, and create greater value for the society !

Wonderful Performance

Many employees of BQ+ Medical come to the annual meeting with their families. For them, BQ+ is not only a company, but also a big family. This meaning goes far beyond the concept of "company", which really embodies the culture of BQ Plus: the value of the company lies in the happiness of employees and the moving of customers!

Birthday celebrations and gifts for employees

All Departments interact and celebrate - BQ + Team Cohesion
BQ+ offers red packets as a gift to every employee

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