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The Official Video of BQ+ Medical Corporate

Time: 2020-11-13
Summary: Hot infusion / IV Products videos of BQ
BQ+ Medical Corporate Video

Hot Infusion / IV Products Videos of BQ

Disposable Chemotherapy infusion set

Finished IV/Infusion Set with Stopcock

Flow Regulator IV / Infusion set & extension set

Flow Regulator

Vial Adaptor and Needle Free Set


High Flow Precision Filter

Enteral Feeding Bags and Set

Enfit Syringes and Enfit Components

Pump Infusion Set

Finished Iv set Air Stop Infusion Set

Blood Transfusion Chambers

Three-way Stopcock

The Usage of Needle Free Valve

Priming Purge Filter Cap HT130

Next: When the low supply of dioposable gloves and price constantly increases, how did BQ+ Medical supply 61.2 million PVC gloves for French customers!