Quality Commitment 

We, BQ Plus, endeavour our full passion on the concerning of patient healthy. As an assure of patient safety, we establish our quality policy and devote ourself to make a safer world by providing better quality, innovative, and effective products, parts, and sterilization service. Thats a process never ends-we continually review our quality system and product against regulatory requirement to make sure we are on the right way.

We share our patients concerns and understand how deeply they need proper care, proper device when those are needed, which is why we always striving to do better and more when it comes to this important issue. 

The quality policy bellow reflects our company’s focus on providing devices that patient can trust. We’ve worked hard to build and maintain this trust for many years.


Delight our customers and deliver Better Quality promise. 


Design and deliver safe, excellent cost, and effective products.


  Comply with applicable regulatory & compliance requirements and enhance everyone’s duty for quality. 


Drive a culture of continuous improvement