BQ+ Medical



BQ+ Medical was founded in 2015.  BQ+ is a recombination of Medical business from former Nelson Techno Medical Co., Ltd.

Nelson Techno Medical Co.,Ltd was founded in 2005 by Ms. Ronia Cao.  Former Nelson Techno Medical Co., Ltd was active in 2 business lines, one is IV components for human medical use, and the other is artificial Insemination devices for animal use. 


In 2011, Nelson Techno Medical was sold to IMV Technologies group, who was a leading company in animal reproduction business.  


In 2015, the IV components business was split from Nelson Techno Medical, and merged with Yuxing Medical.  The integrated business was named as BQ+ Medical Co., Ltd.  IMV Technologies owned 61% share of BQ+ Medical Co., Ltd. 


In 2017, BQ+ Medical suffered a big crisis of disagreement of shareholders, and it was on the verge of bankruptcy by August 2017.  IMV Technologies transferred its share to Ms. Ronia Cao at price of 1RMB. 


On Sept. 1st, 2019, BQ+ team announced its independence and determined to restart everything from ruins.   Ms. Ronia Cao injected big amount of cash into BQ+ and worked day and night with BQ+ team for 2 years, and saved BQ+ Medical from bankruptcy to sustainable development.    


The driving force of BQ+ revival was the words written on BQ+ wall, The Value of an enterprise is the happiness of employees and gratitude of customers.  Ms. Ronia Cao is grateful for the trust of BQ+ team and BQ+ team appreciate the persistent trust of customers from all over the worlds.   BQ+ will always deliver her faithful love, to employees, to customers and to the community.